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Zibo Huacheng Pump Industry Co., Ltd., a large enterprise under Shandong Huacheng Group, is specialized in production of slurry pumps, desulfuration pumps, sewage pumps and various industrial pumps. It is the largest domestic manufacture base of slurry pumps and desulfuration pumps, a high-tech enterprise of National Torch Plan and Shandong Fluid Machinery Engineering Center. The company takes the lead in the industry of China in output and sales volume of slurry pumps and desulfuration pumps. “Huacheng” trademark was awarded “Famous Trademark of China” by the Trademark Office of the State Administration for Industry & Commerce of the PRC.

GB/T19022:2003/ISO10012:2003 measurement management system certification.

The company took the lead in passing certification of GB/T19001:2000/ISO9001:2000 and certification of GB/T19022:2003/ISO10012:2003 Measurement Management System.

The company has 1,380 staff including staff with college degree or above accounting for over 40% and 186 engineers (including 31 senior engineers), forming trapezoidal talent structure with innovative thought. It has built long-term strategic cooperative relations with colleges and research institutions such as Jiangsu University, Taiyuan University of Technology, Shandong University of Technology and Tangshan Research Institute of Coal Science Research Institute, forming technology system centered on proprietary intellectual property rights.

The company has a modern production workshop which integrates machining, assembling and performance testing of pump products, is the largest in the industry in China, has complete supporting facilities and a building area of 35,000 square meters, a pump production line which is made up of advanced processing and manufacture equipment represented by CNC boring and milling lathe and SORALUCE machining center and has domestically first-rate technical level, and a domestically first-rate B-grade pump full-performance detection and testing center.

With the responsibility of boosting national industry and the motive power of technical innovation, the company, insisting on combination of independent development and introduction, continuously develops new products, researches new materials and popularizes new technologies. For decades, the company has successively researched, developed and produced pumps of 3 main categories, 40 series and more than 3,000 specifications, which are widely applied to industries of chemistry, aluminum oxide, metallurgy, coal, building material, urban sewage treatment, power plant desulfurization, steel plant sintering desulfurization, etc., supplied to national key projects for a long time and exported to more than 10 countries and areas such as North America, the Middle East and Southeast Asia.

Customer satisfaction is our pursuit. For a long time, the company always sticks to the market policy of “First-class Quality, First-class Price, First-class Service”, the business philosophy of “Enterprise Aims to Serve Users, Winning Users Means Winning Development Opportunities” and the principle of “All Starting from Users, All for Serving Users”, winning wide praise in many industries. The company completes the construction of after-sales service team, answers any question of users and provides warm service.

devoted to development of the pump field and has established the business system with pump industry as the core business and related fluid machinery as auxiliary industry to promote national pump industry with all strength and forge the national brand, so as to step towards the goal of “Turning the Company into a Large Domestically First-rate and Internationally Famous Pump Manufacturer”.

In recent years, the company has been vigorously constructing enterprise culture. It gets rid of old-fashioned and outdated values from top to bottom, continuously absorbs advanced foreign management philosophy to fulfill the goal of enterprise internationalization.

At the same time, through the construction of enterprise culture, the company has gradually built the overall situation concept which starts from the whole and prioritizes the overall interests, the discipline concept of following regulations and abiding by rules, the atmosphere of trying to be the first in helping difficulty, the united struggling spirit of heartfelt solidarity and the management philosophy of creating pleasant, elegant and friendly working environment for staff. Through the management mode which closely connects staff pursuit with enterprise pursuit, is abided by staff spontaneously and restrains staff, the company has built up modern enterprise culture full of vitality, lofty sentiments and pursuit, unifies staff thought by cultural force, stimulates staff potential and forges and improves enterprise competence by cultural force.