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ISG Pipeline Centrifugal Pump

The ISG vertical pipeline centrifugal pump, which is a one-stage single-suction vertical pipeline centrifugal pump, is jointly developed by our technicians and domestic pump experts. We adopt the exce


The ISG vertical pipeline centrifugal pump, which is a one-stage single-suction vertical pipeline centrifugal pump, is jointly developed by our technicians and domestic pump experts. We adopt the excellent hydraulic model and the performance parameters of the IS type centrifugal pump, and smartly integrate those factors based on a common vertical pump. According to different applicable temperatures and mediums, we develop many variants based on the ISG type like chemical pumps and oil pumps applicable to hot water, high temperature and highly corrosive environment. The product has the advantages of high efficiency, high energy conservation, low noise and reliable performance.


1. The pipeline centrifugal pump, which has a vertical structure and an inlet and outlet having the same aperture and sharing the same central line, can be installed in the pipe just like a valve. The pipeline centrifugal pump with compact and elegant appearance, small floor area and low building investment can serve outdoor if being equipped with a protective cover. 。

2. The pipeline centrifugal pump can be directly installed onto the major axis of the motor. Thanks to the pump’s short axial size, compact structure and reasonable configuration of the pump and the motor bearing, the radial and axial load resulting from pumping operation can be effectively balanced so as to ensure the stable run and low vibration and noise of the pump.

3. The pipeline centrifugal pump’s shaft gland adopts mechanical seal or mechanical seal assembly integrating the imported titanium alloy seal ring, medium type high temperature resisting mechanical seal and hard alloy wear resisting seal. In this way, the service life of the mechanical seal is effectively prolonged.

4. The pipeline centrifugal pump is convenient to install and maintain. All rotor parts can be taken out as long as the pump couplet body nut is removed without dismantling the pipeline system.

5. The pipeline centrifugal pump can adopt the series or parallel connection mode as required by the flow and delivery lift.

6. The pipeline centrifugal pump can be installed vertically or horizontally as required by the pipeline arrangement.


The main purposes of the ISG vertical pipeline centrifugal pump: 1. the ISG vertical pipeline centrifugal pump used for conveying clear water or other like liquid is suitable for industrial and municipal water supply and drainage, pressurized water supply for high buildings, garden sprinkling irrigation, fire-fighting pressurized water supply, long distance water conveyance, and pressurized and matched equipment for HVAC refrigerating cycle and cold and hot water cycle in the bath room. The application temperature should be less than 80℃. 2. The IRG (GRG) vertical hot water (high temperature) circulating pump is widely applied to the boiler high temperature hot water pressurized cycle and conveyance in the fields of energy, metallurgy, chemical engineering, textile, paper-making and hotels and the cycle of the urban heating system. The application temperature of the IRG type should be less than 120℃, and the application temperature of the GRG type less than 240℃. 3. The IHG vertical pipeline chemical pump used for conveying non-solid corrosive liquid sharing similar viscosity with water is suitable for the fields of petroleum, chemical engineering, metallurgy, power generation, paper-making, food and medical preparation, fiber synthesis, etc. Its application temperature is 20℃~+120℃. 4. The YG vertical pipeline oil pump is used for conveying oil products like gasoline, kerosene and diesel fuel. The temperature of the medium to be conveyed should be -20℃~+120℃.

Model Denotation:


ISG represents the pump category.

100 represents the nominal diameter of the pump’s inlet and outlet.

315 represents the nominal external diameter of the impeller.

I represents flow classification.

A\B\C respectively represent the first, second and third cutting of the impeller.

Structure diagram


nstallation Instructions

1. Check the fastener to see whether it is loose and check the passage of the pump body for any blockage caused by foreign bodies prior to installation so as to avoid the damage of the impeller and the pump body during operation.

2. The weight of the pipe should not press on the pump so as to avoid the distortion of the pump during installation.

3. Tighten up the anchor bolts during installation so as to avoid the impact of vibration on the pump performance during start.

4. For the sake of easy maintenance and safe use of the pump, control valves are respectively installed on the inlet and outlet pipes of the pump and a pressure gauge is installed in vicinity of the pump outlet so as to ensure the pump runs normally within its rated delivery lift and flow range and the service life of the pump is prolonged.

5. There should not be frictional noise or lock when the pump shaft is toggled after installation. Otherwise, the pump should be disassembled to find the reason.

6. The pipeline centrifugal pump can be installed in two ways, namely rigid connection and flexible connection (see connection mode).


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